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We will pay up to $500


The Repair Process is Guaranteed

The future is total customer satisfaction
Accident We are able to handle the claim process Our QA system
Accident… Customer is greeted with a modern, progressive repair centre that reflects the professionalism of our work
We are able to handle the claim process, estimate the damage and provide electronic transfer of information to claims department.
Our QA system records receiving inspection and once authorised, we provide the customer with agreed start and completion dates.
Repairs carried out Highly skilled tradespersons Manufacturers finish is matched
Repairs carried out as per manufactures specification to ensure the vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition.
Highly skilled tradespersons ensure repairs are of the highest standards without taking shortcuts.
Backing facilities and computerized paint mixing system are an essential part of the repair process to ensure manufacturers finish is matched
Quality control Inspection
Quality Finish
Quality control and final inspections carried out and signed, ensure the repairs have been carried out as per quote and are of high standards.
Job costed and invoice audited to ensure parts not used are credited.
In process and final inspections sheets available for inspection.

10 Year Warranty MTA WA Quality Endorsed Company